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Baron Kim, DPT

Baron Kim, DPT | Doctor of Physical Therapy | New York

Dr. Baron Kim, co-founder of Enjoy Wellness NYC, is an alumni of University of Pittsburgh’s #1-ranked Doctor of Physical Therapy program, where he also earned his BS in Rehabilitation Science. Baron has a wide variety of clinical experience in physical therapy settings including neurological, vestibular/concussion, inpatient rehabilitation, acute care, and workers compensation clinics. His most extensive experience and expertise lies in outpatient orthopedics, a setting he has worked in for the past 4 years in Bergen County, NJ, and now in Midtown, NY.

Dr. Kim believes each patient should be treated as a unique individual in order to optimize their physical performance and quality of life. With that said, he emphasizes the importance of 1-to-1 time with each of his patients and does not delegate any of his treatment time to PT aides. Baron specializes in treating orthopedic injuries by using a combination of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy techniques, specialized patient education, and advanced rehabilitative technology/modalities. Baron looks to build upon his expertise with continuing education courses on manual therapy techniques, TMJ treatment, vestibular rehabilitation, and postural restoration.

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